My decision to work with leaders and entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses came out of various interactions I’ve had with business owners over the years. I often found myself providing solutions to problems they faced. More often than not, the same people would come back to me and tell me how they implemented the suggestions and the positive outcome it had.

I loved the impact I was able to make and decided to formalise the process in order to reach out and help more people scale and grow their businesses. I have found my efforts to be extremely rewarding, as the entrepreneurs I work with are motivated to change and invested in the people who work for them.

In my professional journey I have overcome various challenges by virtue of guidance at the right time. I enjoy the challenge of establishing a workable model that is profitable, meets the interests of the team and ensures customer satisfaction. By being alive to the needs of the market, developing the right kind of services and managing client expectations I have successfully dealt with setbacks and met my aims.

My hope is to use the benefits of my experience and the lessons I’ve learned in this journey to help other leaders and entrepreneurs succeed in theirs.

Bhairavi Prakash is a work and organisational psychologist who studied at the University of Nottingham, UK. She chiefly works in the healthcare space where she has set-up and scaled operations for small and medium sized businesses.