One of the areas I dedicate myself to is supporting organizations to prioritize, conceptualize, and implement strategies to enhance their workforce’s mental health and well-being. I do this through consulting and advisory engagements, mental health policy and process development, and training programs.  My strengths lie in my ability to conceptualize and design innovative mental health service offerings and delivering comprehensive training programs.


An International Financial Services organisation approached me to design a mental health program for their employees in India. They were already working with an Employee Service Provider (EAP) for counselling, workshops, and 1-1 sessions, however, they wanted something more. I spoke to them about a few ideas and they seemed open to working on an idea that was innovative and different. 


As part of designing a comprehensive mental health program, I spent time understanding the organisation and all the programs they had running. A key factor that emerged was that employees had different levels of awareness and understanding of mental health and well-being. Based on this I designed a mental health program that was launched as a pilot in India.


After one year of program implementation in India, this is one of the firsts, where a program from India meets international standards and expanded to the Asia Pacific Region. The program has also won international awards. This Can Happen Awards 2021 in the Best Mental Health in the Workplace Strategy – Multinational Implementation category. It was also shortlisted for the Mental Health Campaign of the Year award and was a finalist in the Community Business D&I Pioneering Initiative Award (2020).



An Educational Institution had mental health services that was offered by an external agency , they wanted to build internal capacity.


I worked with the Management to understand their ethos and values that drive their educational principles. Understanding what the external agency did well and mapping the gaps was key. 


Designed a mental health program that fit the current needs of the school keeping the needs of the students and teachers, in addition to hiring the right kind of people and setting up a common internal mental health resource pool for all campuses / branches.


A healthcare services company wanted to expand their service offerings to include mental health. 


I worked with the Management to understand why they wanted to expand, the needs of their current clients. I was able to help design a comprehensive program that was tailor made / customised for the needs of their existing clients.


The healthcare services company set up a whole division dedicated to mental health and have a new source of revenue.


An Educational Institution went through a traumatic incident. I was called in to help stabilise the situation and take care of the immediate mental health needs. 


I met with students, teachers and the Heads to understand their current distress. I was able to design a series of interactions to help support the emotional needs for each one. 


The immediate needs were dealt with and solid inputs and plans for short and medium term trauma informed school mental health program.


It’s been an absolute pleasure to write this testimonial for Bhairavi Prakash. She is bundle of energy who is extremely quick on the uptake and is able to quickly grasp obscure concepts of a business she has just been exposed to. 

I found her approach thorough and she displayed an eye for detail. She is absolutely sincere about the goals she has undertaken, incisive in thought, a great communicator,  honest, diplomatic… I could go on about her many attributes. We enjoyed having her work with our team at TRIMED and even in the short span of 3 months she managed to enhance understanding of the gaps that existed and through her ‘we can do’ attitude embodied great team spirit. Her use of simple analogies to communicate complex concepts, the ability to engage diverse groups of individuals on common training platforms, the unique insights she gleaned about the minds of team members were admirable. I have no doubt she will be an asset to any team she chooses to work with in the future.


Founder & Managing Director, TRIMED

Bhairavi Prakash was a key member of a research team that was investigating healthy lifestyle behaviours in children. This study conducted by the Centre for Communication and Change – India (CCC-I), an affiliate of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, needed help with the challenging task of operationalising the study in Chennai. This included fine-tuning the study design and questionnaires, identifying and connecting with schools, recruiting college student volunteers and working out the logistics of study implementation.

This included fine-tuning the study design and questionnaires, identifying and connecting with schools, recruiting college student volunteers and working out the logistics of study implementation.

Bhairavi’s clarity of thought, organisational skills and efficiency were a perfect fit for this task. When Bhairavi takes on something you can consider it done. She works as easily with children and students as with researchers and academics. As a bonus, her positive energy and sense of humour make her a pleasure to have as part of any team.


Director of Capacity Implementation, Health Communication Capacity Collaborative, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs 

I met Bhairavi in April of 2014, when she was working for Medall. She was our point of contact for setting up a Medall Franchise. Our interactions with her were professional, but her energy made it very easy for us novices to work with her.

She was very patient and answered all our questions clearly. While the deal with Medall did not go through for various reasons, we still kept in touch.

I, along with my partners, now, run our own brand of diagnostic labs called Care Health in Chennai. As academics who entered the diagnostics business arena, we needed quite a bit of handholding and Bhairavi was with us every step of the way. Over many formal and informal discussions, she observed our practice and suggested changes which resulted in an increase in customer footfall, as well as overall customer satisfaction.

We have been extremely satisfied with our relationship with Bhairavi, as it has been pleasant, professional and productive.


Founder & Managing Director, Care Health

Bhairavi was very helpful in not only identifying and analysing the problem but also in making strategic decisions by asking the right questions. She teased out the factors to provide us with specific solutions and a structured model.

The team began to work in a collaborative manner, thanks to Bhairavi. She achieved this by assigning work efficiently and working out details such as project outcomes and objectives.

Not only was Bhairavi easy to work with, she was professional and committed. I admired the fact that she was very specific and detail-oriented when it came to the job and made decisions in a logical, firm and assertive manner. She also motivated and encouraged the team to be their best.


Director at Global Leadership, Eisenhower Fellow (2017)