I hold and strengthen your healing intention, while holding a warm safe-space.


When I was in my twenties, I got sick. I was hospitalised for gut issues, and it hit me that there was something drastically wrong with the way I was living my life. While therapy helped me to some extent, and medicines helped my gut ease up to some degree, nothing felt deep enough. 

Having been raised in an environment where alternative healing and medicine were accepted, normalized, and welcomed, I took to it like a fish to its waters. I was introduced to a whole new world when I began working with Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT). What followed was over 7 years of working closely with Evette for my personal healing: and this journey has culminated in my becoming a Level 3-certified practitioner of Metaphysical Anatomy Technique.

The unique feature of MAT is the focus on emotions: not the words used to convey them.

This works beautifully if you’d rather not talk about what happened, or find it hard to remember every last detail of the what, how, when, who, where, why, and which of incidents in your life. Imagine having a chance to heal without having to relive any of the painful episodes in life! 

As a MAT practitioner, I work with clients to help them on their journey to accept themselves with an open heart. I work with anyone who sets an intention to heal, this includes the queer community and survivors of emotional, physical, sexual and all forms of gender-based violence.

I help those struggling with emotional overwhelm, be it feeling too much or feeling totally numb. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, college students, working professionals, changemakers, and folks trying to understand their spiritual path and why they’re here.


“I haven’t felt this well in almost a year now.  I had almost forgotten how bad things have been the past few months. The turnaround feels like a small miracle.” 


“It’s been fun, intense but B makes it fun and keeps it light.”